Mike Moshier

Scott Falkenburg

Less swing weight means less force on my socket resulting in less blisters on my shin. Also, haven’t had any real blisters around my knee/thigh from the socket. the only thing that has changed is the foot (no new pads/socks/etc.).

Love the ground compliance.  In my other prosthesis, anytime I would walk through rocks or grass, or any uneven surface, I felt like the prosthesis tipping me over.  With the Trekk, I can go hike through the desert and over rocks with no problem.

  • Smooth
  • Really like the heel – can ride it.
  • Could wear to the flea market
  • Prefers over his previous prosthesis.
Chris G.
  • Feels really good!
  • Walked smooth
  • Comfortable walking immediately
  • More cushion and vertical shock in Trekk
Brenda D.
  • Performed Great on Grass
  • Prefers over her previous foot
  • “This is the Cadillac” “Feels really good”
  • Heel is supportive but cushioning
  • Roll over is better
  • I give it a ‘10’
Linda O.